Watching the shift change my life.

Today you woke up what was you grateful for?

I once watched a film called the shift, by Dr Wayne Dwyer and I have to say once I watched my life took am amazing shift.

I remember I had finished with the secret and became crazy about how to be positive and I would not say a bad word about anything or anyone. Why? because the secret is about being and thinking positive while trying to see the best in every situation. Easy right? not that easy when you have bills coming out of your ears that you can not pay or someone who you love dies, it is very hard not to ask God or the universe why? why you, why always you. It's hard not to turn into that why me person, well that's the secret, the secret says to remain positive in every situation and be grateful.

So after obsessing about the secret for many years, because it takes a while for it to work it just does not work like that it takes a mindset shift. It is so easy to moan and complain about everything and then get others to do the same because misery loves company as they say. I started to do more research on the secret and to find more books and YouTubes, a podcast from different people, and wow did I find the Aladdin's cave of all these people who knew the secret and it was great I spent hours days and months research reading. what I found was that Oprah has been living and teaching the secret for almost 20 years making her a natural philanthropist.

While searching and researching I found Dr Wayne Dywer, he had the power of intention, 101 ways to transform your life, when I found this I started listening to it every day and would meditate to it it was amazing, then I found the shift, which changed everything for me on a massive scale. I will tell you a little bit about it without spoiling the journey you will experience while you watch it and there after. The shift will help you look at your life and see yourself as an outsider looking in. The shift will make you look at what you have been putting up with and not changing. The shift will help you obtain a new lease on life.

Since watching the shift I have gone from owning my own business, being stress overweight board line acholic to giving it all up to go and work on a cruise ship as a chef, I know crazy, isn't it? I can tell you that was the single best decision I have ever made. Then I had to leave cruising because of having to have an operation, which then found me having to become homeless and believe it or not, That was where the magic happened, that was where the personal development started. I sorted out the debt that I had got myself into after having a business, which caused my breakdown. Fast forward 5 years I am less stressed, a lot happier, grateful for the journey a lot lighter and more importantly, I have changed my career as a result of being homeless and I am starting an organisation called Benevolent Life Change , helping young women who have been through the care system have a more fulfilled life, I have written a book on how being homeless changed my life. So you see having a positive mindset change everything for me and it could do for you. treat yourself to the shift and embrace your transformational journey.

Learning to write, so I can write that book. Its all random stuff that's worth reading