Paying it forward

Last year I was invited to the win conference and because I was not in the best place financially, I just did not go or maybe it just was not meant to be, as the universe says you are where you need to be in this world.

This year I excepted the pay it forward and it was held online, which for me was good, I had the pleasure of joining in but from the comfort of my own home. When it started I actually thought ok here we go, just another conference.

Well, that was an understatement, The conference started with a song and at that point, I felt this may be a little different. The next speaker that spoke made me feel that having a story that can help people is the most powerful thing on earth. Using your story was important why of helping others because this is how changes are made. The speaker was Baroness Beverly Hughs, everything about this women had grace and an air of elegance and it was not only a delight to listen to her speak I heard every word with integrity.

I then had to go and jump on another zoom call so I missed the next few speakers, the next person whos talk made me think was Rose Marley. I have never meant Rose before but I have been to her amazing build that is a hub for creatives, her story of disruption and owning that quality made me feel a little empowered. Roses talk was followed by Dr Aruba, helped reduce gun crime in Moss-side and build some bridges with the community. The part of her talk that I related to the most was when she spoke about speaking up at the table where the change happens. It was at this point that I asked myself why did I not get involved in this last year, but again we are where we should be in this world.

The last women that really blew me away were the last who came on and had everyone up dancing and standing into their sexual power, when she arrived on the screen it was wow who is she…. her energy was electric it made me think about my feminine side while also making me think about my appearance and how I show up for myself every day. At that point, I kind of realised that I had safely looked the same for the past 20 years and in the 10 minutes I decided to make a change and find my feminine power.

All the women and speech were amazing and everyone spoke with great passion about their cause and their purpose. What I would say is the importance of paying it forward for women who can not access these conferences due to funds. It works it really works and if you can, do it because there may be a woman

who can not access this event who like myself needed to join, sit and listen! as a result, I have now cut my hair and changed the colour after the liberation I felt from the inspiration of that conference, so thank you to my pay it forward posse I really appreciate you, you have helped me on my journey of change.

What is has made me mind full of, is to remember to pay it forward when I can. xx

Originally published at on July 6, 2020.

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