How to holiday safely

14 ways to holiday safely with peace of mind.

1. Swab test for 14 before your holiday

2. Swab test daily for the duration of your holiday

3. Clean your own room, the fewer people in contact with your room the better.

4. Use a non-toxic disinfectant when walking into enclosed spaces, This kills the pathogens that may be lingering in the air.

5. Carry disinfectant wipes, so you can wipe anything that you have to touch.

6. Wipe cutlery when eating out before you use. All though they will have been cleaned, pathogens stay on surfaces for up to 72 hours.

7. Swab test for 14 days after you return.

8. Wash your hands frequently, before entering and leaving places, then sanitize.

9. Wear disposable face mask as pathogens live on clothing unless you are washing your mask daily.

10. Clean your phone as often as you clean your hands

11. When drink from the bar make sure the bartender washes their hands before touching your glass.

12. Ask the bartender to wash your glass.

13 Use straws that Have packaging around it.

Following these simple steps could help keep you safe while on your holiday. These a prevention methods that will help minimise the risk for your self and others, while on holiday. Enjoy the holiday but stay safe.

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