Are we quick to forget?

Homelessness is not just for one week of the year

So, homelessness week is over now, so what? we just go back to being ok, with it not having anything to do with use? if this is the case, what has the whole experience of the last 6 months taught us about being compassionate, community, kindness and thinking of others? Yes, the government helps out with some service provision, but there are gaps that they do not fill, and that's where the Greater Manchester Mayors Charity steps up and chips in to help. But we need your help.

In this pandemic, the government has supported most of the population whether that be in social support or business support. Think back to when you first heard we had to go into lockdown, think back to how you felt? and how you felt at the thought of losing everything or even not having enough toilet roll to see you through the lockdown, think back!

Well hears the thing, people who are experiencing homelessness are or have been just like you, had jobs or businesses and some have had nothing of those just a pretty shit life that they struggle to deal with and it's affecting their mental health, but no one is judging, right?

We all know about that mental health struggle right? not knowing if you will get that funding to support your business, your staff, your family, we know that feeling right?, so we also know what it must be like ( or almost know) that dread of not knowing what next? imagine not knowing where you will sleep, not knowing where you will get the money to fund somewhere to sleep? imagine that dread.

Knowing how close you have come to losing everything and how bad the streets can be at night for anyone, not just a person experiencing homelessness. I ask you to think about, it, if that was you would you be glad that there were people like the Greater Manchester Mayors Charity funding gaps to help with accommodation? if the answer to that question is yes, then help us help them, by adding to the pot and donating, just a little because that little will add to a lot and we can not genuinely do it without you.

Thank you

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