Do we underestimate the benefits of exercise?

Do we underestimate the benefits of exercising?

I think if you have never really exercised and it has not really been your thing. In some cases, some people have never really had to because they have always been naturally slim. It’s possible to think it’s those people who have met the love of their life gotten got married become comfortable started a family and before they knew it they have piled on the pounds. The other person would be the person who has always been that child that has battled with his or her weight. Whoever it is no one can ever deny that high you get from exercising.

When you first start its hard the time does not go quick enough your always watching the clock having to stop for more breaks, or is that just me? maybe! Anyway here is what happens to me and what I experience when I have been exercising.

When I start I want to stop I a constantly looking in the mirror to see if my body has changed. It is true, I want Kim Ks body straight away. The high does not come for we at the start it comes in the middle as I start to get used to it, I start to notice that I am doing more after my exercise routine and slowly I start to move faster, needing less sleep but having better sleep. I start to love looking and admiring the change in my body more and the clothes starting to fit, that feeling makes me what to push harder in training or run that extra mile.

The thing I love most about exercising the high it gives you, it is like the same high you get from legally highs it is amazing. When I start to notice how my mental health improves and nothing anyone says affects me and my mood its pretty powerful stuff is exercise and I do not think it gets enough credit for its powers to change your life. I have just had an injury to my knee as a result it has caused me to become down, start eating stuff I know is not the right for me resulting in me putting weight on. I can’t wait until I am able to make that run in the more and get to the place where I am running that extra mile Just so I can feel that high.

so in answer to the question, do we underestimate exercise and its powers? I think we do.

Originally published at on August 7, 2020.

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