Homelessness does not need you…….

The dear Charity sector,

I am writing this letter to ask you to up your service as a sector to better serve people who access then. I have witnessed first hand the neglect within your safeguarding processes because you ultimately ( in some cases) do not aim to serve and live by your core beliefs which are to help people.

I see that being a service for people who are experiencing homelessness is fashionable and most people are in it nowadays for the exposure it brings them, not to serve the people they aimed to help. The people end up being the stepping stone you needed to get you the fame you desperately want. From homelessness, egos arrive while all along with the person(s) cause, a situation that generates the funds suffer as a result of the lack of compassion and drive to see the people you aimed to serve to succeed in some cases.

I have witness peer volunteers going without while the organisations they are helping reach their goals and ambitions get big massive payouts from the big lottery funds, NHS to name a few and once the funding has landed in their bank accounts not follow through on the project they said they would deliver. I know shameless isn’t it? Homelessness is away of rubbing shoulders with city leaders as well as job progression for some, while in the meantime not really helping the people who keep these people in jobs, how is that right?

How is it right that an organisation can be funded to do some work and write a massive bid for funds but not do the work? How is it right that people can become celebrities of the back of a situation that they have not solved or even made better, how? How do they sleep knowing they are not doing there best to help solve peoples problems? that can not be right surely?

So knowing this, charity sector its time you started doing the jobs you BID to serve and start helping people because the reality is without those people you do not have a job, business or lavished life.



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