Climate change is a public health emergency

Recently I went to Greater Manchester Green summit which I found really interesting. I learned not only about how much plastic we use and that to solve the plastic waste problem who as a world would have to find another biodegradable product that that is equally as playable. What I came to understand is that without that we will struggle to solve that problem anytime soon especially with the recent pandemic as almost all the PPE is plastic.

While I watched and listened it got me wanting to know a little more about the cause and solutions my cities plans for the climate change emergency. Whilst listening to the speakers it was mentioned to read the clean air plan, so I did. I have to be honest and say that after reading it I just can not believe that this is not seen as a public health emergency. I found that 50,000 people die each year from air pollution-related illnesses, which had me thinking, could COPD be a byproduct of air pollution? The Greater Manchester Clean air plan say that air pollution is connected to illnesses such as asthma, cancer, heart disease as well as respiratory diseases, COPD is a respiratory disease. When I read this I instinctively thought this is no just a climate emergency this is a public health emergency, Harm is being inflicted on innocent people due to the lack of understanding of the problem. I believe that if people knew the real reason why its far more important to ride or walk to work, I would like to believe they would be a little bit more willing to do such things to help the environment as walk and ride, not just recycle.

I think its a form of abuse not being open about the extent of the problem so people can make informed decisions about how they travel to work or take their children to school. I think that people have a right to know how bad this situation is and how it affects or could affect their lives as well as the development of their children’s. Why are we not having weather type sections on the news informing people how bad the pollution is in their area? and by changing small steps it will reduce pollutions, so they can stop driving their cars, why? these are the things that would help build awareness to help change the thinking for some. At present no one is listening, no one really cares until it affects them, do they? so I say tell them so they can make their own decisions and then be accountable for their own health and lives. This is why I believe it is important to note that this is defiantly a Public health emergency as much as a climate change one.

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