Homelessness is not just for one week of the year

So, homelessness week is over now, so what? we just go back to being ok, with it not having anything to do with use? if this is the case, what has the whole experience of the last 6 months taught…

Imagine a world where volunteers had their basic needs met, how many more people would and could volunteer? I have a why, but I need your help to get that idea heard by the people who can make that difference.

I have volunteered for a few organisations over the years, which I have enjoyed while I have not been working and its been great it really has, I love giving back, however in that time I have also struggled and although you do get a love to shop voucher and…

This week I went into Aldi UK and Lidl GB as I do quite often and I noticed the price of the face mask, I actually could not believe my eye’s when I saw that Lidl was charging £7.99 for a packet of 10 disposable face mask. I get that…

How to holiday safely

14 ways to holiday safely with peace of mind.

1. Swab test for 14 before your holiday

2. Swab test daily for the duration of your holiday

3. Clean your own room, the fewer people in contact with your room the better.

4. Use a non-toxic…


Learning to write, so I can write that book. Its all random stuff that's worth reading

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